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Becoming a Kolping Member

Kolping is established following the Catholic Church structures namely Outstations, Parish, Dioceses and Metropolitan. The foundation of a Kolping Family is the outstation.

Once a Parish is identified where there are persons who have interest with Kolping fundamentals, a committee member or a Kolping officer is invited to go and present a talk about what Kolping entails. Once members show interest they are left to get at least 10 members who come together and form an aspiring Kolping group. This group should undertake elections so that they can form a committee that guides the formation process.

The aspiring group is visited once in a while and given more lessons about Kolping. The aspiring group undertakes prayers and participates in church affairs and activities just like any other church group like CWA, CMA, Legio Maria, etc and can start a project of their own choice so as to enhance group cohesiveness. The aspiring members/group undergoes an aspiring period of one (1) year before they are enrolled to become a Kolping Family.

How Kolping Organization of Kenya operates

The organization works with organized groups referred to as ‘Families’, which are spread in eleven Catholic Dioceses of Kenya.

They are referred to as ‘Families’ because they are meant to lead and live family-like life that does not have any human oriented consanguinity, but brotherly love regardless of race or tribe (pacta sunt servanda – membership is binding to all). The projects Kolping Kenya undertakes reaches and benefits all members of the community. There are 146 Kolping Families in Kenya and an approximate of 6, 246 members.

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